NAME: Jack Holt
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Technology Specialist for the F.B.I
FACECLAIM: Jesse Eisenburg

Lost in the sea of people, wonders and disasters that is New York, Jack Holt believes that he finally found his spotlight, the place in which he shines best. Originally from New Mexico, Jack moved up to the city with his parents when he was about ten years old. He was home schooled rather than placed in a public school like all of the other children, which socially crippled him since he didn’t really have any non-education related activities to go to, like soccer or a book club. He enjoyed spending his time at home in his room, surrounded by his gadgets and electronic devices. Jack is quite gifted with that sort of stuff; he always found it a soothing alternative to interacting with people that were obviously that much stupider than him. He moved on to study Computer Sciences and Physics at the University of New York, graduating with way above the average grades. Afterwards, finding a job due to his acute taste was rather difficult, but when he found an opening in the F.B.I, Jack sprung at the opportunity. 

Jack now works in the F.B.I New York offices in the computer and electronics department. He uses his gifts, skills and talent with devices as such to help solve crimes and ‘make the world a better place’, as his overenthusiastic boss likes to say. He does feel like quite a hero and has a lot of pride in working for the F.B.I.. From connecting DNA samples to faces, to hacking computers, Jack does it all and for a decent living too. Jack likes his job, a lot, but mostly because there’s one aspect of it he’d never think he’d be lucky enough to come across, and her name is Heather Littleton. Heather Littleton is the same kind of computer geek as Jack, and has exactly the same job as him. Their offices are just across the hall and they often exchange friendly smiles and glances through the open doors. Heather started working for the F.B.I after Jack, and it was his privilege to show her around. Ever since, they’ve become close friends, but now, Jack is pretty damn sure he’s head over heals in love with her. When he’s around her, he doesn’t feel pressured, he doesn’t feel awkward or gawky, he just feels like himself, which is a great feeling to have. Is taking that big leap worth it, or should he just sit aside and wait for a different man to notice just how great she really is.

Jack is categorized as the typical antisocial, cynical, talks-to-no-one computer geek, because that’s exactly what he is. When he was a small boy, he was diagnosed with a light case of Asperger’s Syndrome, meaning he was lacking in the social skills department but had a surplus in the wit department. He takes a long time warm up to people, to learn to trust them but once he does, he melts them away like butter. He’s not intentionally mean to people, he’s just a very bad liar, hence he’s brutally honest. He’s a perfectionist and likes everything to be neat, tidy and just the right way, but he’s also a very hard worker and has never slacked a day in his life. Warning: His laugh and his smile, if you can get it out of him, is very, very contagious and almost intoxicating.